It is a global had trend to support the United Nations' sustainable development goals and the green circular economy. Feng Chia University College of Business Dean Hsiang-Tsai Chiang, Corporate Sustainability Research Center Director Professor Lin, and Taiwan Tourism Factory Promotion Association(TTFA) Chairman Lesson Hsu co-sponsored the declaration. With the support of the relevant units, the Tourism Industry combined higher education to promote the philosophy of corporate sustainability.

Members from the associations, universities, media and companies have responded enthusiastically to the issue. After the declaration ceremony, the chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), Mr. Chien, gave a speech on the topic of "Trends in Corporate Sustainable Development" to the attendees in the hope of deepening the positive concept of sustainable cycle.

The Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation and Feng Chia University's College of Business co-organized the "Corporate Sustainability Manager License Training Course" to train industry operators and management cadres to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable development and obtain a manager's license through a complete course.

支持環境永續與綠色循環經濟 產學攜手簽署觀光產業永續發展共同宣言

Feng Chia University and Taiwan Tourism Factory Association Sign Declaration on Sustainable Development of Tourism Industry to support environmental sustainability and green circular economy.


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