To promote intercultural communication, the English-taught course "Introduction of Taiwan" of the General Education Center holds a culture exposition at Si Tun Elementary School on December 3, 2021. The instructor of the course is Dr. Cheng-Hsiung who is always willing to present Taiwanese cultures and international understanding via cross-cultural curriculum in his class. Furthermore, the teaching results are transformed into a presentable cross-cultural event held at the elementary school to display extravaganza of diverse cultures for schoolchildren, Taiwanese and international students.

As the number of international students grows at Feng Chia University, abundant foreign students attend this course to learn about Taiwanese cultures. Therefore, Dr. Lu leads them as the cultural ambassadors from Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan to perform a culture exposition which includes Taichi, drumming, Chinese/Indonesian song, Mazurka dancing, stories of the national flags, etc. As for the audience, there are more than 500 students of Si Tun Elementary School participating in this exposition with curious expectations. At the end of the event, they proudly present their 100-students’ flute ensemble which portrays their featured talents and trained skills in music education.

Overall, the international culture performance draws the curiosity and interest of the young schoolchildren and their counterparts university students. From such cross-cultural interactions, the participating students have achieved a memorable note in their university studying experiences.


A culture exposition at Si Tun Elementary School on December 3, 2021.


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