Feng Chia University’s self-organized “Trans for Win” team participated in 2021 with a folding-wing drone under the guidance of the two team leaders Lai Qihou and Lv Huangzhi of the Green Energy Technology and Biotechnology Industry Development Research Center, as well as an overhead technology professional. In the "Leading Cup-Drone Creative Application Competition", won the best results, and went to Taipei to receive the award on October 7th.

The "Trans for Win" cross-department team won the 2021 "Leading Cup-Drone Creative Application Competition"

From the 2020 school year, the general education center of our school has offered two micro-credit courses on drone design and manufacturing, bringing together a group of Feng Chia students who love drones. After the students learned about the "Leadership Cup-Drone Creative Application Competition", the Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering, Hong Minzong, Cai Chenghuan, Lu Jianjun, Guo Junwei, and the Bachelor of Precision System Design Wang Chengxin and Zheng Yajing of the Department of Transportation and Logistics 6 A classmate independently formed a cross-field team, and under the joint guidance of two lecturers and two overlooking technology professionals, designed a folding-wing drone that could meet the specifications of the competition.

Because the students themselves are all iron fans who love drones, they are very invested in the design process, from the design concept, wing turning mechanism design, energy consumption calculation, power system design, etc., continuous discussion and correction; after passing the preliminary competition, Begin to make models, starting from cutting and polishing the styrofoam to make the fuselage, 3D printing to make parts, and painting the fuselage. In the end, the innovative folding-wing drone designed by the Fengjia Trans for Win team lived up to expectations. Check to stand out.

An innovative folding-wing drone model designed by the "Trans for Win" cross-department team.