In order to encourage people, enterprises, or organizations to actively participate in the promotion of low-carbon sustainable cities, or engage in environmental protection-related work, the Taichung City Government issues the "Low-Carbon Sustainable City Outstanding Contribution Award" every two years. The 4th "Low Carbon Sustainable City Outstanding Contribution Award" held an award ceremony on September 29. Feng Chia University participated in the competition with the theme of "Green Harmony, Recycling and Sustainability". The team leader Lai Qihou of the Green Energy Center accepted the award from the vice mayor of Linghu Rongda.

In the 4th "Low-Carbon Sustainable City Outstanding Contribution Award", Feng Chia University won the award for "Green Harmony, Recycling and Sustainability". The group leader Lai Qihou (right) of the Green Energy Center received the award from the vice mayor of Linghu Rongda.

The selection indicators for this award include "Contribution to Taichung City's Clean Energy Development", "Promoting Environmental Carbon Reduction Benefits", "Building Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change", "Improving Taichung City's Air Quality", "Environmental Sustainability Promotion" and "Other Energy" "Promoting sustainable development of the environment" and other 6 items. This year, many organizations participated in the selection of the Outstanding Contribution Award for Low-Carbon Sustainable Cities, including companies, schools, medical institutions, government agencies, local offices, and individual representatives. In the end, 16 organizations and 2 individual groups were selected.

In order to implement the University’s Social Responsibility (USR), the Green Energy Center uses green energy and recycling technology to create an experience demonstration site combining low-carbon green energy technology and agricultural recycling economy in the Shancheng-Dongshi District of Taichung City. A shared platform for marketing and entrepreneurship, linking with transnational academic and research units, and jointly nurturing talents who can solve social issues. The Fengjia team built a science and technology farmer school in Dongshi District, and promoted the integration of green energy recycling technology in livestock farms and fruit farms with the two fields of "Happy Orange" and "Haole Farm" through "teacher and student work together", With value-added agricultural products and shaping the characteristics of the farm, building a friendly farm system with zero pollution, full recycling and high economic value. This project has received a large response in the local area, and it has indeed improved the quality of life of farmers and is gradually moving towards mutual benefit. Good goals, this is also the main reason for being favored by reviewers.


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