Feng Chia University Electronic/Communications Eng. Bldg basement was originally a table tennis room. During the summer vacation of 2021, the overall renovation will be carried out to fully activate the space. The institute’s common laboratory, equipment center office, AI Club, iOS Club, PCB studio, innovation The guest space and other venues are newly renovated and decorated with youthful and vivid colors, giving the field a whole new look! The opening ceremony of the "AiOS Student Innovation Workshop" was held on September 27. President Bing Jean Lee, Dean Hong Sanshan of the School of Information and Electricity, Director Lin Zongzhi of the Equipment Center, and club instructors, Mr. Xu Fangrong and Mr. Lin Weilun, all came to celebrate and hope that the field will become the future A self-made base for artificial intelligence.

President Bing Jean Lee personally participated in the opening ceremony of the AiOS Student Innovation Workshop, encouraging students to make good use of the school's field and resources to cultivate soft power "beyond textbooks".

After the integration and reconstruction of the new field, there are "Integrated Basic Teaching Laboratory of Information and Electricity College" (Dentsu B03), "Equipment Center Office" (Dentsu B07), "Innovation of Information Technology and Technology" (Dentsu B03A), AiOS Student Innovation Workshop" (Dentsu B04), "Discussion Room" (Dentsu B02A), "Integrated Circuit Board Manufacturing Laboratory" (Dentsu B02B) and other comprehensive multi-functional venues. More equipment and equipment will be settled in the future.

The new venue was completed, and the opening ceremony of AI Club & iOS Club-Joint Freshman Tea Party & "AiOS Student Innovation Workshop" was held on September 27.

The former leader of iOS club Xue Junyou won the WWDC Student Challenge Award twice, sharing his club experience.

The renewed field is expected to become a self-made base of artificial intelligence for teachers and students in FengChia University.


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