In order to assist industry players in expanding cross-border e-commerce, the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs commissioned the Taiwan Economic and Trade Network, which is operated by the Foreign Trade Association, this year to cooperate with Amazon Global Store and Facebook to gather 374 students from 25 universities for a three-month "cross-border e-commerce practice" Camp", held an online results presentation meeting on September 10th. The top ten winning teams participated. The "Rational Marian" team won the championship. The “Participating Sales” team and the Chenggong University team are tied for third place. The instructors of both teams are Mr. Ye Junheng from the department of marketing.

Winning the first place, "Rational Marian", the company he cooperates with is a pet product agent; assisting the industry in product positioning, optimizing videos, pictures, and online English copywriting, and identifying the keyword combinations that customers prefer and potential customers, Successfully assisting the industry in reaching a conversion order. The team did not use the backend of the Amazon e-commerce platform at the beginning of the competition, and it was difficult to even get on the shelves. The partner manufacturer was the first time to participate and did not have any sales records. The "Rational Mary" team has been continuously discussing with Yelaoshr and the manufacturer. In cooperation with Amazon's manager, continuous breakthroughs in performance and acquisition of new customers have not only produced actual conversion performance for partner manufacturers but also won the invitation and cooperation of manufacturers and the Amazon e-commerce platform.

The "Rational Mary" team won the championship.

The third-placed "Participating Sales" team is a company that cooperates with customized cold-forming molds and hardware B2B companies, using hashtags, websites, videos, pictures, and online English copywriting optimization on Facebook, LinkedIn, and manufacturers' websites, Automated robots, successfully reached potential markets, and assisted manufacturers to expand into eight overseas countries and 20 hot markets, attracting thousands of clicks and receiving more than three times the number of foreign orders. Not only successfully expanded new overseas markets for manufacturers, but also compiled a set of marketing strategy suggestions for customer journeys such as marketing process, marketing data analysis, and customer contact, so that manufacturers can still refer to the effective marketing strategies provided by classmates after the end of the competition. peak.

The "Participating Sales" team won third place.

Taiwan Economic and Trade Network's cross-border e-commerce practice camp will enter its 7th session in 2021. In addition to continuing to cooperate with Amazon to open stores globally, it also cooperated with the "Facebook University Digital Talent Cultivation Program" for the first time this year. The actual combat camp not only provides opportunities for practical cooperation between manufacturers and students, and builds bridges between enterprises and talents, plus the "Facebook University Digital Talent Cultivation Program" series of courses, nurturing and subsidizing outstanding students to obtain the internationally recognized Facebook Blueprint license, greatly Enhance students' digital competitiveness; I believe it can become the best combat force for the digital transformation of enterprises in the future!

In response to the epidemic situation, the presentation meeting was changed to be held online, and the participating teams published their results online.