The Taichung MRT Green Line was officially opened to traffic in April 2021. Taichung MRT Co., Ltd. organized a public art competition for the first time. The election results were released a few days ago. The selected works are "Water of Life." 》It was designed by Professor Zheng Yuemei of the School of Architecture/General Education Center of Feng Chia University by Baixing Landscape Company, sculptor Xiao Mingyu, Associate Professor of Industrial Design Department of Chaoyang University of Science and Technology, produced by ZAMAMA artist Chen Yuquan, and architect Dai Hongyi provided the structural strategy. The artwork will be located in the Old She Station-Taichung MRT Terminal Control Building.

"Water of Life" will be the first public artwork on the Taichung MRT Green Line.

Prof. Zheng said that the design of "Water of Life" extracted the elements of "water" and "tobacco leaf" from the old community’s local water canal culture, combined with the clean, fast, and pleasant image of "light", combining history and future, natural and unnatural The broken belt is reconnected. The works are presented in a suspended manner, in order to separate the “light” streaming works from the space, avoid occupying the public space of the MRT, and provide every angle of the first and second floors of the MRT, so that passengers can see this Pieces of work. The splashing light set on the ground of the base will change its color at different times during the day and night. The water light is reflected on the surface of the stainless steel mirror steel plate, interacting with the continuous flow of passengers in the MRT station, and allowing the pleasant energy of the work to interweave people and space. Together.

The work is presented in a suspended way, in order to allow the "light" to flow through the work and the space.

The design threshold of this work is very high. The base of the work is a semi-open space in the MRT station, surrounded by huge icy beams and columns. The design work is required not to be placed on the ground on the first floor. The suspension becomes the only one. The choice, how to soften this blunt internal space and connect the outdoor natural landscape, make the work stand out but not obtrusive, is a big challenge. After the hardware of this piece is completed, Mr. Zheng will cooperate with Mr. Yu Feng from the School of Human Resources and Social Security of the school to extend the AR experience based on this piece through another plan and introduce AR’s in-depth local travel guide map to let The new vision of 5G occurs every day of our lives.

The color is changed at different times during the day and night so that the pleasant energy of the work interweaves people and space.


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