The Ministry of Education promoted the " Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College (BEST)" and announced the first phase of the subsidy list on September 2. The International School of Technology and Management (ISTM) of Feng Chia University was selected as a key Cultivation college, and the approved subsidy was NT$ 4 million yuan. The Bilingual Program of the ISTM will be positioned as a "global talent circulation hub", and propose four major promotion strategies: solid foundation and improvement, teacher upgrading, education transformation, and flexible learning path.

ISTM, established in 2014, collaborates with the world's top-tier universities such as Purdue University and The University of Queensland in offering undergraduate 2+2programs. Currently, there are six 2+2programs: FCU-RMIT Undergraduate 2+2 Program in Business and Innovation, SJSU program in Business Analytics, SJSU program in Electrical Engineering, Purdue Program in Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering, SFSU program in Computer Science, UQ-FCU 2+2 Bachelor’s Program in Business.

The University of Queensland (UQ), located in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, was formally established in 1910. It is one of the oldest and largest universities in Australia. According to the just-announced 2022 Times Higher Education Special (THE) World University Rankings, UQ has risen from 62nd to 54th last year. UQ Business School is the first business school in Australia that has obtained both the EQUIS and AACSB international authority certifications. The field of cooperation with Feng Chia University is under the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law (Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law).

The "Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College" is from 2021 to 2030 and will be implemented in two phases, each for five years. ISTM will continue to cooperate with the world’s top 100 universities on the basis of successful cooperation with well-known foreign universities, and deepen the cultivation of talents in the fields of business and power; strengthen the semester exchange program of bilateral teachers with foreign partner universities and optimize Teachers’ EMI ability; through PYP courses (Preparatory Year English Language Programme), mixed courses (Mix-Module) to allow students to increase exchanges and interaction with foreign countries; provide international exchange students to Taiwan for long-term and short-term study, internship, guidance, and research, etc. International exchange activities.

ISTM is selected as a Key Cultivation College for the BEST program of the MOE.