The Ministry of Science and Technology recently announced the list of the second-tier scientific research and entrepreneurship projects in 110 years. Feng Chia University’s "Building Robot Painting Project" project hosted by Prof. Sheng Yuting from the School of Architecture received a subsidy of NT$6.5 million. The ROSO digital manufacturing and robot construction laboratory of the professional college is implemented. Feng Chia University is the only comprehensive private school selected on this list, and it is also the only project that focuses on the field of construction/architecture.

The "Painting Project for Building Robots"  received a subsidy of NT$6.5 million from the Scientific Research and Entrepreneurship Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The ROSOcoop is avant-garde and interdisciplinary research team with members including experts in different fields such as robotics, machine learning, materials, construction, and civil engineering. The main goal of the laboratory is to use innovative robotic technology and computing. Thinking, trying to change and challenge the high labor-intensive nature of the current global construction and construction industry, using today's various emerging technologies to collide with each other, to provide a variety of intelligent construction processes and solutions.

The ROSOcoop not only focuses on the development of technology research, but also cultivates new types of cross-domain integration talents through teaching, and is committed to using the integration of technology and design to further cooperate with the industry to implement practical projects of smart construction. It is hoped that through the joint scrolling of research, teaching, and industry and academia, more people will be able to open up more people to connect and discuss the "Imagination of Architecture" and the "Possibility of Construction" in this era. This project will also be implemented jointly with the ROLA Robot Construction Laboratory of the Institute of Architecture of National Yangming Jiaotong University.


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