The Macronix Golden Silicon Awards, known as the Oscar Award of the Taiwan Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, is the nation's largest, oldest, and highest-paying student competition in the semiconductor field. The results of the online finals were announced on August 31. The automatic control department 2 teams of Feng Chia University's application group all achieved good results. Among them, the "Smart Stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation Mechanical Arm" guided by Prof. Zhang and Prof. Xu won the gold medal, and the "Personal Handheld Automatic Acupoint Stimulation System" guided by Prof. Lin won the Bronze Award and the Novice Award. A total of 255 outstanding teams have signed up for the Golden Silicon Awards this year. Feng Chia University can stand out from many competing teams across the country, and its scientific research strength is impressive.

The Feng Chia team won the 2021 Macronix Gold Silicon Award Jury Gold Medal. President  Bing Jean Lee (right) and the winning team accepted the award.

The Macronix Golden Silicon Awards has accumulated more than 16,000 teachers and students to participate in the 21st session, and awarded more than 75 million yuan in prize money. This year's total bonus amounted to 3.76 million yuan. The gold prize of the jury is NT$300,000, the bronze prize of 80,000 yuan, and the novice prize of 200,000 yuan. Feng Chia University can be regarded as the permanent victor of this grand event. It has won the Novice Award, the Merit Award, and the Silver Award many times. This year is the highest honor after winning the Gold Award in 2018 (18th).

The gold medal-winning work "Smart Stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation Mechanical Arm" integrates interactive upper limb rehabilitation devices, wearable smart gloves with smart physiological sensing modules, smart algorithms for calculating and measuring joint angles, and safety The intelligent mechanism of physiological parameter monitoring, the interactive rehabilitation analysis interface, and the intelligent networking platform provide stroke patients to perform remote home rehabilitation and autonomous mirror rehabilitation treatments. Patients can use the self-mirroring rehabilitation course mode where they like, and use their uninhibited hand movements to drive the affected hand for rehabilitation. Records of the patient’s rehabilitation treatment, such as dynamic angles and physiological signals, are stored on a smart network platform to build a complete rehabilitation history of the patient, providing a reference for doctors to evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation; through the interactive rehabilitation analysis interface, doctors can also Real-time monitoring of patients' joint rehabilitation actions, providing remote rehabilitation guidelines, and assisting patients in performing efficient rehabilitation procedures at home. In addition, the system is designed with multiple controllable safety mechanisms, which can instantly and quickly stop the mechanism in response to rehabilitation or abnormal physiological signals to ensure user safety.

The "Smart Stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation Mechanical Arm" team.

The "Personal Handheld Automatic Acupoint Stimulation System", which won the Bronze Award and the Novice Award, is able to find the corresponding acupuncture points based on the user's own symptoms or needs on the mobile phone, and then use the database built in the cloud. The acupoint information is transmitted to a handheld device equipped with edge AI computing, and acupoint recognition and tracking are performed through image recognition technology. Finally, an electric massage ball or an automatic needle drop mechanism is used to achieve the effect of acupoint stimulation. This work can not only achieve personalized health care and restore health, but also consider lightweight design, which is believed to be closer to the actual needs of personal applications and medical teaching aids; it can also provide professional Chinese medicine-related talents for training and use. This work has now completed applications for invention patents in the United States, Germany, China, and Taiwan. It has also been successfully selected as one of the Taiwan 100 teams at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) in 2021 and will be exhibited online in January 2021. At the same time, it was also awarded an online joint interview by the US media (only 13 teams) and was interviewed by domestic media such as MinTV, NTDTV, Taiwan TV, Taichung Daily, and other media.

The "Personal Handheld Automatic Acupoint Stimulation System" team.


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