During the pandemic period, everyone tried their best to take care of themselves and protect others. As long as Feng Chia alumni find something good, the first thing they think of is to give back to their alma mater. Lin Tingxiang, an alumnus of the Department of Banking and Insurance, is also the 20th Distinguished Alumnus. On August 16th, on behalf of Lianrong Investment Co., Ltd., and President Chen Qiaorong of the Taipei Yangming Rotary Club, jointly donated 2 pandemic prevention passages to the alma mater. This anti-pandemic passage has a multi-function such as disinfection spray, temperature measurement, 222nm deep ultraviolet light source, disinfection blanket, and other multiple purposes.

Lin Tingxiang(middle) and Chen Qiaorong (left) donated two pandemic prevention passages at Feng Chia University, which were accepted by President Bing Jean Lee.

Lin Tingxiang has always spared no effort in supporting the school. In 2017, he also donated $NT one million to purchase hardware and assisted his alma mater to establish the first Apple Regional Training Center (RTC) in the country to cultivate outstanding programming talents. The Rotary Club of Yangming in Taipei is a non-governmental organization established for more than 40 years. It has long supported social welfare. Alumnus Lin Tingxiang also served as the 41st president, so he and the current president Chen Qiaorong jointly contributed to this donation.

From left: Chen Qiaorong, Lin Tingxiang, Chairman Gao Chengshu, and President Bing Jean Lee jointly cut the ribbon for the opening of the pandemic prevention passage.

Principal Li Binggan stated that the 2 pandemic prevention passages will be placed in the school's main library and the girls' dormitory on Fuxing campus. The library is one of the most frequently used places for teachers and students in the school; and the female dormitory contains a lot of public spaces, such as gymnasiums and social rooms. Therefore, I am very grateful for this donation, which has once again improved and improved the school's epidemic prevention measures.

Chairman Gao Chengshu thanked Lin Tingxiang for such a meaningful and benevolent act. It is a work of the right time and place. The school is about to start. I believe that more protection can be added to protect the health and safety of more than 20,000 teachers and students in the school. This kind of initial aspiration coincides with the building naming spirit of the new school site in the future-"Common Goodness".

The pandemic prevention passage was officially opened, and the on-site teachers and guests took the lead in trying it out.


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