In order to train senior high school graduates to connect with university life and to integrate with enterprises, the implementation of "local talents, local training", so that high school vocational graduates will be competitive in the future. The Business College of Feng Chia University and the Education Bureau of Taichung City jointly set up the " 2021 Annual Inter-school Talent Cultivation Class-Financial Accounting Talent Cultivation Class". The finish training ceremony was held on 11the July. There are 36 students who participated in the training of this special class, and a total of 35 students passed the whole training.

The first financial and accounting talents class held its finish training ceremony on 11th July. Dean Jiang Xiangcai (top row middle), former Auditor General Lin Qinglong (bottom row left), and the Dean of the Accounting Department Chen Guangzheng attended and participated in the implementation results of 35 students.

The Business College of Feng Chia University undertook the first financial and accounting talent training class. It drew on the experience of the talent training class commissioned by the Bureau of Education in the past. It focused on training students with practical experience and provided professional knowledge as a supplement. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, except for the 5/8 and 5/15 two-day courses for the special class, all subsequent courses are completed in the form of online courses, and the students finished 120-hour intensive course not only reach the threshold for entry into the workplace but also can smoothly connect with subsequent preparations for further studies. The two complement each other, allowing students to have more industry practical knowledge and competitiveness than their peers.

Dean Jiang Xiangcai of the Business College said that the special course offered this time not only provide high school vocational students in Taichung with the convenience of using weekends for further study but also can connect to professional courses after applying for college in the future; in addition, they can also enter excellent firms for internships during college. It's a great deal in one fell swoop. Finally, he hopes and wishes that all students participating in this project will be able to effectively use what they have learned in the workplace in the future and take into account their academic progress.


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