The Covid-19 pandemics continue to spread, and many non-governmental organizations have initiated donations of epidemic prevention materials. Chen Tingen, a fresh graduate of the Department of Land Management of Feng Chia University, actively donated his subsidy and connected to many companies, donated epidemic prevention materials with a total market value of nearly 110,000 yuan to the office of Zhudong Township in his hometown. Many alumni of the Youth League and the Hsinchu Alumni Association participated. In the donation ceremony on July 13, the Hsinchu Alumni Association President Zeng Yuqiong and Peng Shiguo took the time to attend. Feng Chiaers used practical actions to give back to their hometown and stay behind.

Donation ceremony.

Chen Tingen, who initiated this donation activity, under the guidance of Prof. Li Ruiyang, combined with his classmates, founded the Feng Chia University Disaster Prevention Education Volunteer Team, and actively promoted disaster prevention education inside and outside the school, and promoted positive disaster prevention. Attitudes and values. On the eve of graduation, the Covid-19 pandemics were raging and disrupted everyone's life and study. In view of the fact that the pandemics will not disappear in a short period of time, it is necessary for everyone to be patient and long-term efforts to do a good job in the prevention of the epidemic, to have a chance to return to normal life. The anti-pandemic materials donated on the same day included 8 AI smart disinfection stations and other protective equipment (100 protective covers, 2500 pairs of protective gloves, 50 protective clothing, etc.).

Feng Chia alumni give back to their hometown with love

As President Bing Jean Lee said, universities should play a broader role in society. Feng Chia University embeds university social responsibility into the school's teaching system and daily practice and embraces the idea of sustainable operation and impact. I am glad to see that the students who have been nurtured can have a selfless spirit and actively participate in society. Everyone contributes with their own ability. This unwavering goodwill, like the donation of tens of thousands of doses of international vaccines by companies or the collection of hundreds of life-saving artifacts by celebrities, is unjustifiable positive energy from the bottom up of the people.


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