Initiated by two Feng Chia University students and cooperating with the General Education Center, the TEDxFCU curated the implementation of the student-autonomous course-TEDxFCU. The TEDx annual conference was held in Qiyuan Hall on May 12th. This is the first and first event that Feng Chia University has obtained official authorization from TED in the United States. Tickets for the TEDxFCU annual meeting were sold out in a very short time after the launch of the TEDxFCU annual meeting, which attracted great attention from teachers, students, and people outside the university.

TEDxFCU curatorial team.

The TEDx annual conference is also a well-known TEDxTalk speech. The first TEDxFCU with the theme of "destroy everything, reshape everything", cuts into the core of the theme from the four aspects of tattoos, herd effect, remnant cloth, and female power, hoping to destroy the public's existing impression and cognition of these fields, and reshape and use new ones. Views and thoughts. The TEDxFCU team still persists in completing the work with super perseverance under the impact of the severe epidemic. What the team wants to prove is that even as a student, it can still take the lead in making changes, exerting peer influence, and turning “Impossible” into “I'm possible".

Tattoos give people the courage to define themselves-speaker Josh Lin.

Do you choose to follow the crowd? Speaker Zeng Xiangfei.

Leftover cloth, re-assignment-Speaker Lin Chunyu.

Women's enlightenment, starting from fashion female power, to the advancement of both sexes-Speaker Liao Jialing.

There are only two universities to successfully organize the TEDx Annual Conference In 2021. Feng Chia University is one of them, and the other is Tsinghua University. TEDxFCU was very successful the first time it was organized, and it brought great morale and confidence to Feng Chias. TEDx's resources are not limited to famous universities in the north. Feng Chia University also has its own exclusive TEDxFCU. We hope that this annual meeting can take root in Feng Chia, and welcome Feng Chia students who have the same ideals of TEDx to join the curatorial team. This platform can allow you to show off your skills and shine. I also hope that TEDxFCU will become an irreplaceable learning resource in the school. one.


2021 TEDxFCU Annual Meeting Video刺青給予人的是定義自己的勇氣 / 你選擇讓自己從眾嗎? / 剩布,重新賦值 / 女性啟蒙,從時尚女力開始,到兩性共進