Feng Chia University’s Dream Seed e-Hub Entrepreneurship Port, in conjunction with the "Entrepreneurship Practice" course led by Mr. Tsai Shengnan from the General Education Center, held the "Third Zero Yuan Entrepreneurship Online Achievement Presentation" on the evening of June 3rd.

The Zero Yuan Entrepreneurship Project is a resource input from the MOE's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Project, the China Science and Technology Society Award-aided University Entrepreneurship Program and other resources. It is co-chaired by Director Zhai Benrui, Teacher Cai Shengnan, and Teacher Zheng Mengyu from the Department of Business Administration. Students innovate and entrepreneurial plans, and put project resources into the teaching site. Through the process of thinking about entrepreneurial issues and solving problems independently, talents with entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurship and industrial practical experience are cultivated. In addition to learning theories in the class, the students participating in the project will learn to set up companies independently, manage markets independently, learn about company marketing, finance, and experience various processes of entrepreneurship through entrepreneurial practice models, and completely skip the framework of learning methods.


The 3rd Zero Yuan Entrepreneurship Online Achievement Exhibition was published, which is a new experience for the teacher advisor group and the student group.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the physical presentation cannot be held as scheduled this year, but the online results presentation is a new experience for the teacher advisor group and the student group. The entrepreneurial team spearheaded this school year are: "Refreshing specialty coffee"-the company uses the world's exclusive coke-free roasting method, so that the drinker can drink the best flavor of coffee; "heard of cultural creation"-with the aborigines Combining cultures, choose the unique colored glaze bead soap soap as the main product; "Lanjue Cultural and Creative"-with blue dyed custom earrings and cultural and creative small bags as the main creations, and also handle blue dye in the Yingnuo maker community of our school DIY course promotion; "Lokatu"-use leather accessories and customized laser engraving technology to make key rings, magnetic closures, wallets and other commodities. The products are very popular among young students; "protein family"-to solve the fitness group Lack of timely protein replenishment, providing products and services such as chicken breast and protein drinks. The students who published also generally expressed that the study results were fruitful. There are also senior graduates who mentioned that in the four years of university study, the study of this course left her the most profound and hardest impression, but it was also the most satisfying. A sense of accomplishment is what she thinks is the best graduation gift.