For a long time, Feng Chia University has been actively working closely with the industry, focusing on linking industry needs, and striving to cultivate innovative talents who can participate in the social transformation of industrial upgrading. In order to help students to integrate with the enterprise in advance, the College of Business and Sinyi Realty Inc. jointly organized the "Sinyi Group Exploration Camp" on May 28. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the school fully implemented distance teaching. The exploration camp was changed to The real-time online version and there is no distance between interactions with each other.


Dean Jiang Xiangcai of the College of Business said that it is a rare opportunity to cooperate with Sinyi Realty Inc. I am very grateful to the distinguished guests for being able to solve students’ doubts about the workplace in this exploratory camp and provide their valuable opinions. In addition, the students With enthusiastic participation, the exploration camp of Sinyi Realty Inc. was completed successfully and successfully. "Graduation is employment" and "learning is useful" are the expectations of students for education, and it is also the responsibility of the school. While students are receiving higher education, they can have seniors in the workplace to give advice and clarify their future questions and clarify the direction, which is learning. It’s an indispensable part of the industry. I look forward to more series of activities and lectures in the future to promote resource sharing and maximize the benefits of both parties. It will not only cultivate students’ immediate ability to face the workplace but also cultivate what is needed for innovative industries. Cross-disciplinary talents.

Through the "Sinyi Group Exploration Camp", Dean Jiang Xiangcai, many representatives of Xinyi Enterprise Group, and teachers and students of our school shared and interacted online in real-time.


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