For encouraging colleges and universities to promote career counseling in a diversified manner, and to strengthen the importance of each school and assist in the career development of students, the Youth Development Administration of the Ministry of Education organizes a national selection of career counseling results for colleges and universities every year. The results of the 2021 selection were announced on June 1. Feng Chia University won the gold prize in the excellent career counseling school; Xue Jiaxuan, the consultant of the Leadership Development and Service Learning Center won the bronze award in the administrative outstanding career counseling staff group. prize. The Achievement Student Center of the Office of Academic Affairs provides students with self-exploration (assessment), career counseling, achievement courses, professional internships, and employment information, and assists students in various consulting and counseling on personal, life, study, and career development; including career assistance for alumni.

In 2021, in the selection of career counseling achievements of colleges and universities, Feng Chia University won the gold prize, and the career counseling work of the Leadership Development and Service Learning Center was highly recognized.

In August 2020, Feng Chia University transformed its subsidiary units and changed its name to "Leadership Development and Service Learning Center". It would continue to improve the quality and quantity of the center. Each career tutor not only has a license in a different field and professional background in career counseling but also with an average of more than 6 years of career counseling qualifications. At the same time, it also combined the student achievement online platform, 200,000 rich alumni resources, industry faculty, and exclusive achievement lecture space, and 7 college career mentors, so that Feng Chia students would be guided to enhance their learning motivation, integrate into campus life, and set up when they enroll. Career goals.

The Achievement Student Center is oriented towards student needs and actively offers career-related achievement-themed courses.

Director Lin Qiusong said that the Leadership Development and Service Learning Center is guided by student needs and actively offers career-related achievement-themed courses, as well as industry interaction and links, to find good internship and employment opportunities for students. During the epidemic, it was converted into online training courses (such as pre-internship training courses, workplace essential skills, resume autobiography writing, resume health examinations, and online interview drills). It is a trusted career consulting unit for students and the best communication between students and companies bridge.

Diversified career achievement courses provide various consultation and counseling for students' personal, life, study, and career development.

Xue Jiaxuan, who won the Bronze Award for Outstanding Career Counselor, not only holds a Global Career Development (GCDF) certificate and a double master's degree in management and education but also is a qualified lecturer approved by the Ministry of Education. At present, he is mainly responsible for coordinating and executing career counseling courses. He is also a career mentor for the School of Engineering and Finance and a supervisor for the volunteer team of the Achievement Student Center.

Ms. Xue Jiaxuan (right) won the Bronze Award for Outstanding Career Counselor in the Administrative Category of Colleges and Universities in 2021.

For Ms. Xue, career counseling is not only a professional but also a passion for work. From 106 to 110 years, he has actively sought external resources and based on student needs as a starting point, and has cooperated with school units to offer career and employability-themed courses. The number of people served has reached 7,200. In October 109, the innovative "Achievement Micro Lecture" was launched, which adopted the method of cutting into small units to inject important issues and concepts that college students value, care about, such as resume autobiography writing skills, interview skills, workplace interpersonal interaction and communication, presentations Themes such as tricks and cleverness have strengthened students to absorb information and increase their willingness to learn. Even under the epidemic, students’ participation enthusiasm and attendance rate are high, and the response is good.