In 2021, the universities provided 59,000 individual applications (including extra). The results of the unified national distribution was announced on May 20. Feng Chia University had a total of 2,547 individual applications for the 2021 academic year, attracting as many as 18,455 candidates to register. After two stages A total of 2,452 people have been distributed for the exam, which is the school with the largest number of individual applications in the country, and the utilization rate of enrollment is as high as 96.27%. In other words, every freshman admitted this time must defeat seven competitors and pass the test before entering Feng Chia University.

Feng Chia University is the first in the country in the number of distributions. Every freshman must defeat seven competitors and pass the test before entering Feng Chia University.

The College Admissions Committee pointed out that a total of 85,422 applicants from the university’s individual application channel have signed up this year, and 50,767 have been distributed. There are 6,265 vacancies, which is a new high in the past three years. The overall enrollment quota utilization rate (number of people distributed/number of admissions quota) is 88.73%, regardless of the number of people distributed, distribution rate and quota utilization rate are slightly lower than in 2020.

Feng Chia University enrolls more than 5,000 students each year. The main source of students is university students. Among them, personal application is the main admission channel. It is one of the few universities in the country that enrolls more than 2,000 people in the individual application channel. It is open and fair. The diverse selection of students focuses on the students' personal performance and learning process, and recruits high-quality freshmen who recognize and trust Feng Chia University by means of both quality.

Feng Chia University is a "Different but Better" university. Regardless of teaching research and development or spatial layout, it fully demonstrates its confidence in higher education in Taiwan. With students as the core, Feng Chia University uses project-base learning to cultivate students' integration of professional knowledge and practical ability in innovative teaching. In the aspect of research, industry and academia, it uses open thinking to link industry and cultivate Innovative talents who participate in industrial upgrading and social transformation; in terms of sustainable campus, the USR spirit is embedded in university education to fulfill social responsibilities; in terms of campus construction, the campus is continuously renovated to provide a good learning environment and living space.


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