On May 12, Director Li Wenchuan of the Department of Economics convened a team of 50 teachers and students to visit the Taichung District Farmers’ Association to learn about the development of local agricultural economy.

The first stop is the Nonghui Shusheng Winery in Waipu District, which uses self-grown grapes to make white wine and red wine. The "Hongpu Peach Wine" stood out from many traditional wine-producing countries in the Paris World Wine Competition in France and won the gold medal in one fell swoop. The owner of the winery, Mr. Hong Jibei, introduced the grape varieties suitable for winemaking, the winery's grape growth and cultivation process, grape picking and destemming and crushing machine, wine thermal fermentation technology, and the winery for the fermentation and maturation process. Finally, teachers and students were allowed to taste a variety of different flavors of wine, such as soft-tasting white wine, slightly higher acidity and coffee-flavored red wine, or gold medal award "Hongpu Peach Wine", which surprised the students.

The second stop of the Daan District Farmers’ Association was received by Director Tian Mingtang of the Supply and Marketing Department and Director Shao Gesheng of the Promotion Department. Mr. Yang Kunfeng from the Department of Cooperative Economics first introduced the importance of agricultural marketing and agricultural credit loans, and the role of the Farmers’ Association in the development of Taiwan’s agriculture. . Director Tian Mingtang of the Supply and Marketing Department introduced the Five Treasures of Annong (fresh pork, Daanxi taro, Daan green onion, winery, TAP Anquan rice). The Peasants Association assisted farmers to obtain production resume verification, combined with agricultural processing and production technology, and developed well-known products such as green onion cakes, Anquan gold brick rice, and taro dumplings. And under the Feitianzhu.ANNO brand, establish the brand image of "Taste with peace of mind, farming for you", acquire agricultural products produced by farmers, and develop diversified meat craze through product classification and HACCP certification mechanism of the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan, as well as meat processing technology. Sell ​​commodities and promote agricultural products to all parts of Taiwan.

FCU's teachers and students visited the Farmers' Association of Daan District in Taichung City.


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