Feng Chia University’s 2021 three-in-one student autonomy election was held on April 27-28 on campus. A total of 5,743 students from 31 departments participated. The overall turnout rate was as high as 31.84%. The new student president and Student councillors and department heads, and the election committee of the Student Union formally announced the list of elections on May 3rd.

The main cadre of the 28th Student Union.

As the threat of Covid-19 is still present, the reelection of the Student Union this year will still follow the model of last year and use electronic voting, and through multiple channels of publicity, the election information will be widely publicized on the information board and the mobile Feng Chia APP, and on the polling day At the entrance of the school, explanation stations are set up at the Science Building, North Gate, and East Gate to provide consultation on questions related to electronic voting by students, and remind students to vote actively to increase the turnout rate.

The three-in-one election of the Student Union was successfully completed. President Li Bing Jean Lee (4th from left), Dean Lin Liangtai (3rd from left), Director of the Academic Affairs Office (1-3 from right) and the 27th Student Union cadres took a group photo.

This year’s election ended smoothly. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation. The spirit of student autonomy at Feng Chia University will get better and better with everyone’s participation. I also hope that the new student cadres will uphold the enthusiasm for service and speak up for the students of the school. Organize various student activities, and also serve as a bridge between students and the school.


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