With global warming and uncontrollable climate change, Taiwan has experienced the biggest drought in half a century. Especially the central and southern regions are facing the dilemma of water shortage. The Taichung area currently implements the "five stop two" water restriction measures, causing many people inconvenient. In addition to cooperating with the policy to promote water conservation, the school’s headquarters has set up 3 "Water Reclamation Centers" next to Qiu FengChia Memorial Hall, Wenhwa Innovation Center and History House. The use of Membrane Bioreactor, MBR effectively transforms the campus The generated domestic sewage is treated to "reclaimed water", fully reused, and the spirit of sustainable environmental protection is practiced.

The so-called "reclaimed water" refers to the collection of domestic waste water (such as toilet flushing water, bath water, hand washing water, etc.) in the construction site, and then treat it to reach the set water quality standard, which can be reused within a certain range for non- and Physical contact, non-drinkable water resources. That is, generally called reclaimed water or recycled water, the quality of the treated water can reach the standard for reuse, and it can be used for plant watering, toilet flushing and cleaning, and landscape pool refilling.

The total design capacity of the three water recycling centers of the school is 986 CMD. However, under the implementation of water-saving policies for many years, the school has adopted water-saving devices for flushing toilets. Therefore, the sewage inflow is lower than the original design. The current total treatment capacity is only About 277 CMD, the utilization rate is 28%. In addition, the school also uses the raft space of the building to set up the contact aeration treatment facilities of the processing unit and the septic tank for anaerobic digestion. The sewage volume is estimated to be about 280CMD. If the sewage from the Shuinan school site can be treated together in the future, It is expected that the total sewage volume can reach 800CMD, which will enable more efficient use of the facilities of the Water Reclamation Center.

The current status of the use of reclaimed water produced by the Water Reclamation Center has provided Qiu Fengjia Memorial Hall for toilet flushing, as well as subsidized water for the two ecological landscape ponds in the Xuesi Pool and Chunyutang school. In addition, the reuse of water in the Water Reclamation Center of History House has been carried out to expand the gardening and irrigation around the large and small lawns and gymnasiums. After the completion of the bidding project, the utilization rate of the water in this area is expected to exceed 80%. The Environmental Protection, Safety and Hygiene Management Center is also actively planning and integrating, to incorporate domestic sewage from each campus building into the reclaimed water reuse system, and to increase the use of reclaimed water, so as to achieve the goal of 100% reuse.

The water resource regeneration center of History House is full of greenery and can give full play to the comprehensive effects of water recycling and reuse.


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