How do you decide the car maintenance date? Look at the number of kilometers? During the viewing period? Since most of us cannot predict the life of auto parts, most people will obediently maintain them regularly, so as not to cause great troubles due to sudden breakdown. The car is like this, the plane is even more important! Some failures only cause inconvenience, even safety-related, or cost hundreds of millions of repairs. If you can predict and get more accurate repair information, I believe it can greatly reduce the time and cost of maintenance! Professor Zhang Yuanren from Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering of Feng Chia University, and also the CEO of imCloud, a spin-off company of Feng Chia University, used PHM technology analysis combined with regression analysis during the bi-weekly progress review meeting with aviation-related companies on April 28 Or machine learning (Machine Learning) to establish diagnostic and predictive models, in addition to ensuring the safety of aircraft flight, but also accurate material replenishment, to achieve the goal of cost, quality and maintenance decision optimization. This research is favored by companies, and praise is of extremely high value.

The US Air Force Times "Air Force Times" pointed out that the predictive maintenance (CBM+) project of the US Air Force in 2019 collects data through sensors and algorithms to determine which parts need to be replaced before failure, and adopts an active maintenance strategy instead of waiting. The parts are damaged. In 2020, the number of aircraft using predictive maintenance technology has tripled, unanticipated maintenance work has been reduced by nearly 30%, and it is estimated that US$68 million in maintenance costs have been saved or avoided.

Professor Zhang Yuanren (left) of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and PhD student Chen Zongti took a group photo.

Chen Zongti, a PhD student currently studying in Feng Chia University’s Ph.D. program in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, and also the host of the Air Force Platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that “the world’s superpower-the United States, although the defense budget reached a new high of US$740 billion in 2021, In terms of expenditure, the importance of affordability and efficiency is still emphasized. Therefore, the aircraft maintenance strategy is constantly evolving and improving, from corrective maintenance (Corrective Maintenance), preventive maintenance (Preventive Maintenance) to condition-based maintenance (Condition Based Maintenance). ), using big data and AI technology to grasp the health status of aircraft parts, and accurately diagnose faults and predict the remaining usable life. Recently, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has issued directives to actively promote CBM+, which deserves our attention."


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