After the Taichung City Government, Amazon AWS and Feng Chia University officially launched the co-creation cloud talent cultivation cooperation plan, on April 30, 2021 FCU x K12 University AWSome Day hosted by Feng Chia University's School of Cloud Innovation and Interdisciplinary Design College The cloud service seminar was held in the Qiyuan Hall. This event is the first K12 participation in Taiwan. A total of nearly 400 teachers and students from 28 high schools and teachers and students from Feng Chia University gathered to learn cloud services.

On Amazon AWS University AWSome Day, K12 was opened for the first time, and nearly 400 teachers and students from 28 high school vocational schools and Fengjia teachers and students learned cloud services together.

This seminar is specially designed for the implementation of AWS Educate cloud learning platform for teachers and students of high school vocational school and middle city. A professional lecturer will lead you to understand AWS' core services and multiple machine learning cloud applications step by step, from global cloud development trends to innovative ideas in the fields of artificial intelligence, voice and facial recognition, games, and medical advancements. After the study, teachers and students can actually use the AWS Educate platform learning resources and obtain the University AWSome Day training certificate.

The professional lecturer will lead you to understand the core services of AWS step by step.

President Bing Jean Lee said in a speech that AWS is currently the world's leading cloud service provider. In today's era, cloud is ubiquitous, and many services are performed on the cloud. It is also the platform adopted by world-renowned unicorn companies. The adoption of cloud services and the past Hardware and foundry thinking are thinking in different dimensions. In order to enable students with non-information backgrounds to familiarize themselves with cloud technology and service application practices, the school has opened a number of AWS application courses in the School of Interdisciplinary Design; Yunchuang Academy is also playing serial production. The important role of officials, officials, and academics. Planning the Taichung City Cloud Service Talent Training Program, handling multiple cloud basic service and architecture studies, training high school vocational teachers and students with cloud service knowledge and platform use skills, and also establishing an AWS high school student community, Let students go to Feng Chia University to exchange and learn cloud applications together, and give play to the spirit of mutual learning, sharing and mutual benefit.


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