The semiconductor industry has been one of the most concerned industries in Taiwan in recent years. The semiconductor testing industry has become more urgent in response to the increasing demand for work at home and related 3C products. Expansion of production capacity and talents has become a top priority. In order to continue to cultivate engineering and R&D talents with practical experience and ability in important application development fields in the future, Feng Chia University President Bing Jean Lee and the Chairman of Ardentec, Lu Zhiyuan, signed a memorandum of industry-university alliance cooperation and pilot project agreement at FCU GLORIA on May 3; and Giga Solution within the Ardentec Group donated equipment to help Feng Chia University improve its strength in high-frequency electronic technology teaching and research. The two parties will use Ardentec's excellent semiconductor testing technology and operational strength, combined with Feng Chia University's pragmatic and excellent teaching concepts and R&D capabilities to create a new model of industry-university cooperation.

President Bing Jean Lee (middle) and Ardentec Chairman Zhiyuan Lu (left) signed a memorandum of industry-university alliance cooperation and pilot project agreement, with Chairman Gao Chengshu acting as a witness.

The content of this industry-university alliance cooperation covers six aspects including consulting, technical exchanges and industry-university projects, on-the-job training and training, off-campus internships and student scholarships, preferential recruitment of outstanding graduates, and donations; and the pilot plan agreement The focus is on advanced application areas, guiding student teams to master and solve real problems in the industry, and enhance students’ practical competitiveness in a brand-new cooperation model, and hope to jointly contribute to Taiwan’s semiconductor supply chain industry in 5G applications, smart Internet of Things, The development of artificial intelligence, high-speed computing and automotive electronics will continue to cultivate outstanding talents and maintain international competitiveness.

Ardentec is a leading IC testing company in Taiwan. Chairman Lu Zhiyuan is an academician of the Academia Sinica and an important promoter of Taiwan's DRAM. He also serves as the general manager of Macronix Electronics and is a well-known entrepreneur in Taiwan. With excellent test engineering, information engineering and quality engineering capabilities, Xinquan has become a long-term and important strategic partner of many international heavyweight semiconductor manufacturers in the United States, Europe, Japan and China, as well as foundry and product design manufacturers. , Occupies a key position in the global semiconductor supply chain, operating and investing globally, currently has 5 factories in China, and has established overseas factories or operating bases in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Nanjing, China.

In recent years, Feng Chia University has continued to innovate and overturn higher education, actively flatten the division between industry and academia, and create value for students in the job market. It is hoped that the cooperation between Feng Chia and Xinquan will stimulate each other more Sparks of innovation, actively explore new models of industry-university cooperation and talent cultivation, and jointly cultivate Taiwan’s immediate talents in the semiconductor field.

Feng Chia University has formed an alliance with Ardentec and Giga Solution to improve semiconductor testing technology and talent cultivation with a strong R&D team and energy to create a win-win situation.


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