The cloud computing category of the 51st National Skills Competition Central District Skills Competition was held at Qiaoguang University of Science and Technology on April 23. The competition uses the Amazon AWS GameDay platform with the same specifications as the World Skills Competition to test the cloud architecture deployment and system network of the players. Skills in road management, high-availability scalability design, automated security monitoring and other projects.

Cloud Innovation School and the Taichung City Government Education Bureau jointly trained high school vocational players. They won the top 5 in the cloud computing category and the award for masterpieces, and won all the seats in the national competition!

Cloud Innovation School trained players to dominate the cloud computing central area skills competition and won all the seats that were shortlisted for national events.

The cloud computing category of the National Skills Competition has been handled since 2019. As it is less easy for high school students in this category to learn or access the content of cloud services, Feng Chia University and the Taichung City Government Education Bureau have joined hands to promote the "109 Academic Year Cloud Service" "Talent Training Program", Feng Chia University and Taichung Senior Engineers handle multiple cloud-based services and architecture training sessions to train high school vocational teachers and students to have cloud service knowledge and platform use skills. The AWS high school student community has also been established. Explore the learning time independently and go to the Yunchuang Academy to exchange and learn cloud applications together.

A group photo of Cloud Innovation School's teaching team and training contestants.

Feng Chia University Yunchuang Academy, as a center for cloud talent cultivation base, shoulders the social responsibility of the university, and continues to handle cloud service related activities and research. On April 30th, the "2021 FCU x K12 University AWSome Day Cloud Service Introductory Seminar" will be held, and follow-up will also be held. There will be an Amazon AWS cloud service certification course, inviting teachers and students from high school vocational schools in Zhongshi to join the ranks of cloud service learning, achieving the "Smart Taichung Cloud Education Future".


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