The Feng Chia University Football Club recently participated in the 109 academic year college football sports league organized by the Ministry of Education and the General Sports Association. It won the third place in the general group and the fair competition award. This is true after the football club re-adjusted its training strategy and policy. Achieved good results in one fell swoop and performed brilliantly.

Last year, the world was shrouded in the downturn of the new crown pneumonia, and all sports events were suspended. However, in order to strengthen the combat technology, the football club specially hired a British coach to re-adjust the training content and emphasize the quality and efficiency of training. At the same time, it conducts many friendly matches every month. Through solid video analysis and post-match review, he is familiar with the coach's tactics repeatedly. At the end of 2020, he will be qualified for promotion to the national semi-finals first from the preliminaries.

The Feng Chia University Football Club won the third place in the country. All members surrounded the victory trophy with great excitement and excitement!

The semi-finals will be held at Chang Gung University in March 2021. Although the northern part was affected by the heating and cooling regiment and there were heavy rains and dense fog for several days that week, the Fengjia Football Club was not afraid of wind and rain. . In the end Mao tried his best to fight to the end and finally won the third place in the country. Under the disparity in body shape, it is really rare to get this good result in the end. In particular, Zhang Zhisheng, the top three in the school's business management, won the personal highest honor-the Golden Boot (the player who scored the most goals in the season).

In every game, you can see football club players gather to discuss tactics and cheer each other up.

Winning the third place in the country this time is the best result of the Fengjia Football Club in the past three years. Thanks to many teachers and friends who have supported and sponsored the football club, so that the Fengjia University Football Club has more training resources. In the process, not only to cultivate a good understanding on and off the field, but also to establish a deep friendship with foreign countries. Welcome friends who are interested in football to join us!