An airplane suddenly appeared on the large lawn in front of the library, and many teachers and students passed by here with curious eyes. Feng Chia University is one of the few universities in the country with aerospace-related departments. It once owned an F104 star fighter, which was donated to the American Aviation Museum in accordance with national policies.

The selfless and priceless original intention of education can always gather all kinds of good opportunities. Under the leadership of the Zhang Chinese class of the EMBA109 advanced class and the input of the whole class, he donated a "Feng Chia 60" aircraft to the school.

The EMBA109 advanced class donated the "FengChia 60" aircraft.

Chairman Gao praised "FengChia 60" to provide Feng Chia students with better educational opportunities, symbolizing Fengjia teachers and students soaring freely and realizing their dreams.

A donation ceremony was held on the lawn in front of the library at 11 a.m. on April 14. This small and exquisite aerobatic aircraft will provide teachers and students of the Department of Aerospace and Engineering for practical and practical teaching in the future. In his speech, Chairman Gao Chengshu said that this aircraft is a rare opportunity. He didn't think much about it at the beginning, and he completely provided more "opportunities" for the students in school. But when the education has the heart, naturally there will be noble people to help, meet the right person at the right time, and smoothly promote this good "opportunity." This year is also the 60th anniversary of Feng Chi. It symbolizes that Feng Chia is moving from jogging to take-off. The nose of the plane is facing the new Shuinan campus. We have new goals and new visions. All teachers and students can fly freely and complete education together. More ideals.

President Lee (right) thanked Zhang Zhongwen and all the students in the EMBA109 advanced class for their hard work for the Fengjia students and donated the actual machine-assisted teaching.

President Bing Jean Lee also believes that Feng Chia is close to Hanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd., the leader in the aerospace industry, and Taichung is also an important center for precision industry in the central region. With the dedication and rush of all the students in the EMBA109 advanced class, the students can have learning opportunities closer to the entity. Thanks for the  intention of the class. The airplane is not big, but the educational spirit and expectations behind it, we hope that all students studying in Feng Chia will be able to be like this agile airplane in the future, with lofty ambitions.

EMBA109 Advanced Class Donated the "FengChia 60" Aircraft.


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