Since 2018, the MOE has promoted the "Ministry of Education Subsidy for College Teaching Practice Research Project" to implement teaching innovation and strengthen the school's task of cultivating talents. Teacher Guo Youcheng from the Department of Economics of the school and Teacher Zhang Qidong from the Calculus Teaching Center received innovative teaching results, and were awarded the 2019 Annual College Teaching Practice Research Excellent Program. Principal Li Bingqian specially presented the award at the school meeting on March 31. Thanks to the two teachers for teaching The dedication and hard work put in, and the results are well recognized.

In order to spread innovative teaching models and research methods and provide observation and learning, the MOE has also implemented a rigorous merit selection system for this project since 2019. The selection items include research design, curriculum planning, data collection and effectiveness evaluation. ; And the content of the project must be of great reference value in order to stand out, so it is not easy to be selected.

Prof. Guo from the Department of Economics was selected as the project titled "Building a Learning Platform for Economics Action Vehicles and Analyzing the Use Situation and Effects of Students". The project designed an economics app-"Fengjia Economic Link" for our students to use, through the Chinese cultural interface, to help students quickly understand the proper terms of economics. In addition, the platform also provides online questions, which are designed by economics students and incorporate cooperative learning thinking, and can be observed through the platform to enhance the effectiveness of economics teaching. The plan also conducts random experiments at the same time to verify whether simple and regular notifications can be sent to improve the use of students.

Prof. Guo Youcheng (right) made an innovative teaching achievement and was selected as the excellent program of teaching practice research.

The "Feng Chia Economic Link" APP helps students quickly understand economic terms, and allows students to brainstorm and create their own online questions.

Prof. Zhang from the Calculus Teaching Center was selected as the project titled "Using Online Digital Teaching Materials to Improve the Effectiveness of Calculus Learning". The study mainly used the calculus study notes and real-time feedback test system to examine whether to improve the learning effectiveness of students in the calculus course. The results show that calculus study notes can indeed improve the efficiency of online teaching materials, and the "Kahoot!" test not only allows students to self-check their learning progress and adjust their learning pace, but also makes the classroom atmosphere lively and interesting, and further enhances students’ Learning interest. Welcome to refer to the project-related introduction videos and results.

Prof. Zhang Qidong (right) made an innovative teaching achievement and was selected as the excellent program of teaching practice research.