In response to the 108 syllabus, technological information and media literacy cultivation, the Taichung City Government has deployed cloud education resources in advance, and Taiwan's Amazon Web Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AWS) has combined AWS Educate cloud education resources with Fengjia University Cloud Innovation The college’s teaching experience is provided to Taichung City’s senior high school vocational schools to promote cloud learning and cultivate the next generation of cloud-based technology talents to prepare future IT and cloud talents for the career development of cloud computing. On March 30, the Taichung City Government held a "Co-Creation of Cloud Talent Cultivation Cooperation" kick-off ceremony. Mayor Lu Xiuyan, AWS Hong Kong and Taiwan General Manager Wang Dingkai and Feng Chia University President Bing Jean Lee were invited to the tripartite representative, as well as the Taichung High School Principal and The teachers witnessed the "Wisdom Taichung Cloud Nurturing the Future".

From left, General Manager Wang Dingkai, Mayor Lu Xiuyan, and President Bing Jean Lee launched the magic ball symbolizing "Smart Taichung Cloud Nurturing the Future" to create cloud talent cultivation together.

Mayor Lu Xiuyan said that the Taichung City Government combined the energy of industry, academia, and teachers and students to work hard to take root in Taichung's industrial transformation and economic development, and cultivate a new generation of scientific and technological talents. General Manager Wang Dingkai is pleased to see that AWS Educate provides a variety of teaching resources for young people to have the opportunity to try. Cloud is not limited by geography and background conditions. As long as you are creative, you can face the world market. President Li Bingqian pointed out that Deep Racer can conduct the most advanced and effective learning through the cloud. Feng Chia University must not only cultivate innovative talents who can participate in the social transformation of the company’s upgrading, but also fulfill its social responsibilities and provide high-quality services for the middle and high schools. Improve teaching quality and energy, and strengthen the digital physique of teachers and students!

Principal Lee said that the cloud is not out of reach. With good resources and a good platform, you can learn that is visible, tangible, and the most effective.

AWS has been committed to cooperating with governments, institutions and schools to cultivate cloud talents needed for digital transformation. Many top universities and institutions around the world have in-depth cooperation with AWS. With the cooperation of the three parties this time, AWS will provide AWS Educate online courses and cloud service quotas, and platform members can share teaching materials from all over the world through its cloud community. Especially after the 108 syllabus is implemented, AWS Educate cloud teaching plans can also be recorded During the learning process, all the students’ articles, actual operations, and experimental processes are recorded. Students will be able to use this as a self-learning cloud service channel. The Job Board in the platform will connect companies recruiting cloud skills and qualified student job seekers. , To achieve the educational goal of unity of study and use.

This cloud talent cultivation plan is the best example of industry-government-academic cooperation. High schools in Taichung City can use abundant cloud education resources for free.

Feng Chia University imported AWS teaching resources in 2017, and established the Yunchuang Academy in 2020 to expand the cloud service teaching team. In the same year, we organized the first campus AWS DeepRacer competition in Taiwan, and continued to integrate cloud technology into education and practice with visible and tangible AI, and set a new paradigm for cloud service education. The Education Bureau will also conduct a series of seminars with the Yunchuang School of Feng Chia University to enhance teachers' knowledge of cloud services. In the classroom teaching scene, use AWS Educate free textbooks to integrate the cloud service usage scenarios, so that students can learn about the industry transformation practices in the digital age; A number of cloud service themed workshops will be launched soon, including AWS GameDay seminars, exchange events, AWS DeepRacer (AI unmanned self-driving) workshops and competitions, etc., and we look forward to bringing a wealth of cloud courses to the digital cloud residents. The trend of international cloud services is in line to create an information innovation and education cloud solution!

Feng Chia University is the first school in Taiwan to handle the campus AWS DeepRacer competition, and it demonstrates the operation on site.