With the popularization of cloud technology, the Cloud Innovation School of Feng Chia University, the School of Mass Data Management of Soochow University, and the Department of Information Engineering of Nantai University of Science and Technology jointly sponsored a tour of cloud technology campus promotion, starting from March in North, Central and South. Continue to expand, through the AWS Educate learning platform, to bring cloud technology to college students across the country.

This tour is a demonstration of the results of the Educate program student ambassadors of Amazon Web Services . At the same time, the student ambassador team takes the form of a workshop to lead students to complete their own works, including the establishment of chatbots and the automatic deployment of personal web pages And so on, the concepts established through the curriculum are actually introduced into the field of curriculum and practical application.

Workshop: Let no server take you to complete the Telegram chatbot.

The Taichung Field held two cloud service implementation workshops and a student ambassador sharing event at our school on March 7th. The student assistant team of Yunchuang College and student ambassadors will team up to guide the implementation of cloud services. Participating students come from various colleges and universities in Central China. Colleges and high schools have expressed that they are very happy to have the opportunity to exchange cloud service learning with student ambassadors and other school students. From this implementation, they also realize that they are different from ordinary classroom laboratory operations and can make their own one step closer. Personal web pages and chat bots.

The student teaching assistant team and student ambassadors of Cloud Innovation School guide the implementation of cloud services in groups.

Wu Rujuan, CEO of Cloud Innovation School, said that with the rapid growth of information and communication technology, courses require scene transfer. Students can no longer follow the standard framework to learn, and more are to introduce practical scenes, and continue to think, optimize and optimize the problems caused by the situation. power enhanced. Among them, the realization of cloud computing acceleration scenarios not only breaks the bottleneck of traditional data centers, but also implements applications through the characteristics of cloud services. Therefore, students can prepare for practical connection to workplace work during school.

The 2021 AWS Educate Student Ambassador selection event is about to start, welcome students interested in participating in the school, continue to pay attention to Fengjia University Yunchuang Academy Facebook


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