The Taichung City Government Economic Development Bureau launched a campus energy conservation short film competition, with the theme of "My Campus is the Most Energy-Efficient". Through teamwork, the teachers and students of the contestants can understand the various energy conservation of the school during the filming and shooting. Measures. The three student teams of FCU contestants won gold medals, bronze medals and excellent results in one fell swoop.


Pang Shuyun (middle) and Zhang Wenyan (right) thanked Mr. Lin Zhihuang for their guidance and won the highest award gold medal

The bronze medal winner Viviana Ruiz (left) took a group photo with the instructor Zhu Zhengyong.

"Feng Chia University Energy Conservation Campaign"-Use humorous and creative shooting techniques to present the environmental protection and energy-saving facilities of Feng Chia University's "power system", "smart lighting" and "air conditioning system" in three short dramas, and finally Summarize the energy-saving results of Feng Chia University in one year. "Let's keep saving"-through Mr. Zhu's explanation, from the four aspects of "Equipment", "Awareness", "Energy Saving Policy" and "Achievement", Let the public have a deeper understanding of the efforts and effectiveness of Feng Chia University in energy conservation. "Love energy saving, sincere responsibility"-use a guided tour to visit the school's energy-saving facilities and sites, and organize rich and detailed energy-saving information into a clear and easy-to-understand way, demonstrating Fengjia's determination and outstanding results in energy conservation.

Lekai Qiu (left), the second-tier marketing student, won the masterpiece and took a photo with the instructor Lin Zhihuang.