Prof.Zhang of the Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering and Chair Professor She of the Department of Business Administration developed a smart manufacturing management decision-making system, and obtained invention patents by the end of 2020. It mainly diagnoses and evaluates the health and maintenance status of the production line machines through the predictive maintenance system. After the data is sent to the ERP, it is fed back to the production schedule, which can be updated, adjusted, and mastered in real time, which will help the industry to promote upgrading Transformation.

PHM technology collects machine operation information such as machine vibration, current, temperature, etc., from signal acquisition, data pre-processing, feature extraction, model training, prediction and diagnosis, and the complete process of data visualization to determine whether the machine is abnormal and predict When should the machine be maintained in order to schedule the maintenance as soon as possible to avoid unannounced shutdown and affect the operation of the production line. The PDMS self-built by Prof. Zhang and the ERP used by the enterprise are both independent systems. The current ERP system does not integrate information about the failure of the production machine, or can only schedule production with fixed machine maintenance man-hours, which leads to unexpected problems. Machine failure or extended maintenance schedule cannot be grasped. Uploading the predictive maintenance information detected by PDMS to the decision-making end can improve the impact of machine failures on production schedules such as delivery delays.

PDMS system interface-health assessment.

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