Feng Chia’s "Chengbao" children’s program creation team joined hands with members of Central University to participate in the 5th TSMC Youth Dream Building Project. It was recognized by experts in various fields. It stood out from more than one hundred teams and won NTD 400,000 Dream bonus.

Cai Bingxiu (left 1), senior of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Lin Yuting (right 1), the sophomore of the Department of Business Administration, took a group photo with the joining partners of Central University.

"Chengbao" proposes to use online teaching mode to provide innovative courses that combine programs and disciplines, so that disadvantaged students in "non" mountains and "non" cities can also receive high-quality education simultaneously.

With reference to previous award-winning and research and development experience, Cheng Bao formulated a set of innovative teaching materials and teaching plans for "programming-integrated science education". School children can not only acquire the concept of program logic, but also increase their knowledge and understanding of science. Because the learning process is full of gameplay and fun, it is favored by the judges.

The "Chengbao" children's programming innovation team is a new creation team established by the school’s fresh graduates and students in school. Under the guidance of the school’s general education center director and teacher, it provides programming education, teaching aid research and development, teacher training and other services , The product is positioned as a "diversified information program literacy course." In 2020, it has been affirmed by the U-start Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program of the Ministry of Education, and passed the application to become a spin-off enterprise of the school in the same year. This award not only proves that the team has great development potential, but also provides a boost for team members. In the future, the team looks forward to cooperating with elementary schools to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and at the same time contribute to the education of disadvantaged school children in Taiwan.