On September 29, President Lee, Bing-Jean of Feng Chia University and General Manager Cao Huishu of KGI Bank signed the "Memorandum of Industry-University Alliance Cooperation".Banks and universities work together to integrate industry and campus resources, allowing the bank's brand and services to enter the campus, and allowing more young students to familiarize themselves with industry dynamics during their school years. In addition to discovering and cultivating innovative financial talents, they can also be closer to young people. Demand for financial products and services.

This cooperation will mainly construct an experimental field, give full play to the university’s advantages in the field of information technology, closely integrate the application of financial technology in the financial industry, and provide participating students with financial, quantitative transactions, and program transactions through a cross-college and cross-field model. System development, as well as training on consumer-centric digital financial service design methods, to build future financial services.


Feng Chia and KGI Bank have established an industry-academic alliance.

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