With the implementation of the twelve-year state education and the implementation of new courses, Taiwan’s education policy pays more attention to the learning process of students than before, and therefore promotes various courses derived from science. Information development. Programming is listed as a compulsory course in national and high schools. However, there are still resource gaps in various cities and towns. In order to help students from poor primary and secondary schools in central Taiwan learn programming and the application of technology-related knowledge after school, FCU and Fubon Life Insurance jointly organized the "Programming Green Energy Science Public Welfare Program" education program. University Social Responsibility (USR) + CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work together to deepen the relationship between the campus and the business community through local services. The first charity event was held at Huilai Primary School on September 19.

Given that programming languages ​​will be the most demanded language in the future, the importance of information education is indescribable. In order to cultivate students with the key abilities required by the technological world in the future, our school actively invests in the promotion of programming education. This project is organized by the General Education Center Ms. Shuhui Chen, Ms. Hong Yaozheng, Ms. Lai Qihou, and Ms. Lv Huangzhi led the "Chengbao Children's Programming Education" student innovation team that won the Global Chinese Educational Game Design Competition this year and the school's green energy development center to organize a team of student volunteers to implement .

In addition to green energy-related courses, in the future, programming, financial management and other courses will be brought to more elementary and middle schools to promote science and information education, expand school social responsibility and corporate social responsibility through industry-university cooperation, and coordinate the energy of enterprises to implement A spirit of contribution and responsibility to the local community and society.


Feng Chia University and Fubon Life Insurance jointly implemented the charity education plan and implemented university + corporate social responsibility.



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