Feng Chia University optimizes the campus space and establishes the "Smart City Learning Commons". This field will become a new model for the school to integrate with smart innovation, combine teaching, practice, and display multiple uses, and provide a new model for cross-college and cross-departmental learning shared space.

The spatial planning of the smart city shared learning hall is based on high variability as the main requirement. The main fields include 2 professional computer classrooms, virtual reality dream factory (VR/AR/MR) and an open practical discussion space. In addition to the joint discussion space for graduate students or thematic students, a multifunctional classroom can be formed through the combination of different tables and chairs. Group or group courses can be provided here, or the projection wall can be used as a special lecture space or a VR experience place for students Exhibition space where the results are displayed.


The "Smart City Shared Learning Hall" is a smart space that combines teaching, practice and display with multiple uses.


圖|攝影 林裕宗


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