Feng Chia University and Yuanta Financial Holdings signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. Yuanta assembled its subsidiaries in securities, banking, life, futures and investment and credit and other relevant colleges of the school to create a cross-field future financial technology experimental field and promote The cultivation of financial talents opens up more possibilities for the development of the financial industry in the future.

In this context, Yuanta Financial Holdings, which has always focused on improving customer value, has joined forces with Feng Chia, which is preparing students for the future. The highlight of the cooperation project is the establishment of the "Yuanta/Feng Chia Future Financial Laboratory" to give full play to the school’s information technology field. Advantages, close to the application of the aforementioned financial technologies in the financial industry, through cross-college and cross-field cooperation, provide students involved in financial, quantitative trading, program trading system development, and even consumer-centric digital financial service design methods Related training to build future financial services.

At the same time, a credit program that combines the professional teachers of the school and the outstanding teachers of Yuan University, combined with the license and internship, establishes a priority employment program. In addition, using Yuanta Financial Holdings' overall layout strategy in Southeast Asia, together with the school's international college and other diversified channels and resources, jointly promote the "ASEAN Financial Talent Cultivation Project" and expand the international talent pool of Yuanta Financial Holdings' subsidiaries.

The industry-university cooperation between Yuanta University and the school is the best example of enriching educational content with industrial resources. Feng Chia has nearly 300 graduate alumni serving Yuanta Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries, and even the partners of Yuanta Group's subsidiaries in Malaysia have established long-term cooperative relations with Feng Chia Malaysia Alumni Association. Combining the academic strength of Feng Chia, we look forward to complementing each other and creating a win-win situation.


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