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World' s first Bio-H2 gas station is launched

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       On November 3, FCU’s Green Energy Development Center launched the world’s first biohydrogen (Bio-H2) gas station. FCU Vice-president Bing-Jean Lee, FCU Green Energy Development Center Director Chiu-Yue Lin, Taichung City Deputy Mayor Ping-Kun Tsai, Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Energy Deputy Director-general Yunn-Ming Wang and other dignitaries were in attendance. During the launch there were demonstrations of the FCU-developed Bio-H2 gas station and Bio-H2 car.
  Since 1988, FCU, with the support of the National Science Council and Bureau of Energy, has carried out biohydrogen research and developed biohydrogen technologies. FCU is a world leader in the development of a Bio-H2 gas station which can be used to dispense biofuel to future cars that will run on hydrogen energy fuel cells. Biohydrogen energy is a renewable energy created from sources such as wastewater and food waste.
  The APEC Research Center for Advanced Biohydrogen Technology has been established on the FCU campus and the development of the Bio-H2 gas station and Bio-H2 car gained the attention of APEC at a recent forum on the development of green energy in Washington D.C. This technological breakthrough will elevate FCU and Taiwan on the international green energy research stage and open the door for economic benefits such as the development and integration of downstream technologies.

Celebrating the launch of the Bio-H2 gas station and Bio-H2 car. (Photo by Xin-Jin Xie).